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Finishing Touch Flawless™ Pedi Electronic Pedicure Tool


Finishing Touch Flawless™ Pedi Electronic Pedicure Tool removes and smoothes calluses, dry cracked skin and rough areas of the feet instantly and painlessly.

This campaign is valid until 28th November, 2023.
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The next generation foot file from Finishing Touch Flawless™ Pedi Electronic Pedicure Tool, for beautifully smooth feet every day.

Finishing Touch Flawless™ Pedi Electronic Pedicure Tool instantly exfoliates & painlessly removes hard skin and calluses from your foot, without need for continuous scrubbing with a pumice stone or any soap & water. Thanks to our easy reach technology, its innovative ergonomic design glides across your feet & heels effortlessly so that you can reach all areas of your foot comfortably. Now you can get a salon quality professional pedicure at home!

Sleek & feminine with an integrated LED light, it illuminates your foot so that you can easily ensure you never miss a spot. It comes with two speed settings for comfortable use and included in the pack are two roller heads; one fine for dry skin exfoliation, and one coarse for hard skin & callus removal - ready for whichever treatment is needed!

Conveniently lightweight and rechargeable, it fits into your beauty bag easily so it’s ideal for use any time. Try Finishing Touch Flawless™ Pedi Electronic Pedicure Tool for feet so beautiful you won't want to cover them up!

  • Good for: removing calluses, cracked dry skin, and rough areas on feet;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: it is a painless, practical, and effective process to remove cracked dry skin and rough areas on the feet; it has a rechargeable battery that allows you to take this device with you anywhere; it has two rollers and two modes suitable for various types of treatment; It has an LED light that facilitates the process;
  • Time of application: when needed;
  • Intensity levels: two, one slower and one faster;
  • Power source: built-in rechargeable battery;
  • Plug type: USB cable;
  • This pack contains*: one Flawless Pedi device, two roller heads, and one USB charging cable. 

*Subject to change according to brand.

Before using Finishing Touch Flawless™ Pedi Electronic Pedicure Tool for the first time, make sure the device is fully charged. When this happens, the red LED light will turn off. Then choose which roller you want to use and change it if necessary. To do this, simply press the button on top of the device and, in the meantime, carefully remove the roller. To put the other one, just apply slight pressure and insert it in its place.

To start using Finishing Touch Flawless™ Pedi Electronic Pedicure Tool, simply turn the ON/OFF button and move back and forth in places with calluses and dry skin that have been previously cleaned and dried. Don't exert too much force against the skin. Start at low speed and increase if necessary. If at any time you feel discomfort, discontinue use. In the end, it is crucial to clean the rollers to ensure their optimal condition. To do this, dismantle the roller and clean all traces of accumulated dust with a damp towel. Finally, let it dry naturally. You can also clean the device itself with a dry towel. It is recommended to replace the heads of your unit every 3 to 6 months.

Flawless Pedi Electronic Pedicure Tool